Cheers to 25 years!


So I’m 25 now and movies, TV, and books would have me believe that I’m supposed to have some sort of grip on my life and be a rEaL adult. Honestly, I don’t really feel any different from when I turned 21 or 24. There isn’t some magical thing that happens when you turn 25 and suddenly your life is together and everything is in place. Laughing at myself for even thinking that was true at some point.

If I think back to when I was 18 and thought about what my life would be like at 25, this is soooooooo not what I had in mind LOL! But this is my life and I’m grateful for my experiences, especially the trials I faced in the past year. Twenty-four was by no means easy, in fact, it was THE hardest year of my life. I faced loss in more than one way. I faced change. I faced intense loneliness and home-sickness. I faced a bit of an identity crisis because so much of who I was came from my past relationship. Out of all of this, I was forced to do some intense soul-searching and working on figuring out who I am outside of my friendships and relationships. I did things that were scary to me, like going to counseling and actually talking about how I was feeling versus just pushing it down.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in this season of growth. I pretty much overhauled my entire mindset and now I understand where my motivations, desires, and fears come from deep in my soul. I’m SO grateful to have identified characteristics in myself that will help me to live at a higher vibration and to also identify characteristics in others that don’t align with my goals and motivations and that bring me down. In this process, I’m also learning how to be a better friend and partner for the future by learning things that I do that push wedges between myself and others.

A lot of hard things came to fruition this past year but they were all things I needed to go through in order to grow. AND I’m not done yet. I have quite a few more changes that are about to happen in the coming months and I’m learning to handle those and accept what comes. This is the start of another life-changing year, except this time I’m a little more prepared for the things to come.

Cheers to 25 years ❤


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