Finding My Why


This past weekend I was able to travel to Orlando, FL with 6 of my teammates for the yearly convention for the company we’re ambassadors for. As I reflect on all of the training, announcements, conversations, and information from the three days, I can’t help but feel inspired! This weekend wasn’t just about learning how to grow my small business, which at one point I never would have even dreamed of running, but it was also about getting in touch with myself. Figuring out my “Why” and developing skills that I didn’t even realize were within myself. If you had asked me a week ago, “Ashley, why do you share Plexus?” I’m not sure that I would’ve been able to give you a clear answer.

So what’s changed, you might ask and honestly, nothing has changed. But I find it hard to believe that anyone who goes to a convention filled with 11,000 plus women and men of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors wouldn’t look into themselves and see what it is that made them want to join a company in the first place. What I know for sure is that Plexus is a company who’s entire culture and atmosphere is based on being happy and healthy, both in physicality and mentality and our goals as ambassadors are to share life-changing health products and an opportunity to live a life of financial freedom that many can hardly imagine.

Well then, what IS my why? First of all, I love helping people! It’s the reason I became a Medical Laboratory Scientist and it’s the reason I’m going for my Master’s degree AND it’s the reason why I share Plexus products. Also, it’s because I’ve struggled with my weight since elementary school. I’ve struggled with gaining and losing and gaining and losing. I’ve struggled with the mental and emotional baggage of people telling me I’m not as good at whatever sports because I weigh more than others. Working in healthcare, I’ve seen the repercussions of living an unhealthy lifestyle and because of that I believe prevention is the BEST medicine. I share with people because I want them to be able to achieve their health goals and to know they aren’t alone in trying to achieve those goals in a world that so desperately wants to make them feel unworthy.

I started Plexus because I wanted to make a healthy lifestyle change. I wanted to eliminate chemicals and artificial ingredients and limit the amount of junk I put in my body and so as skeptical as I was, I joined my trainer as a retail customer. Even though early on I said I wasn’t interested in the business, I saw that Plexus was an innovative company, always striving for greatness. So I quickly switched to wholesale and 2-3 months later decided I wanted in on this opportunity. At the beginning, I struggled. I was afraid of what people would think (still a struggle), I was afraid I would be unsuccessful, and I was afraid that people wouldn’t get it. The thing is, after you see a small success, it encourages you to push harder and be better.

After this weekend, I’m more confident in my abilities than ever before and I’m beginning to recognize some qualities that I didn’t think I even possessed. What I’ve realized by being surround by positive, goal-getting, boss-babes is that I can be a strong leader, I can and do bring worthwhile ideas to the table, and I love discussing those ideas and taking them from good to amazing! What I know is I can and will be successful, I will inspire other people, I will support and be supported by my team. I won’t listen to negativity, I won’t care what others think, and I won’t talk badly about or demean myself.

What I want you to know is that first and foremost, I care about you as a friend. If I share Plexus with you, it’s because I think it could help your health immensely or because I think you could achieve so much success OR BOTH! I also want you to know that I understand your skepticism, I felt that way too! But! If you’re skeptical, I want you to reach out and ask me the hard questions. Unfortunately, I’m not a mind-reader (wouldn’t that be cool!?) and I can’t always tell when you’re struggling with something, but I want you to know I’m here. Personal, health, financially, whatever it is, I’ll always try to be there for you and to support you. Finally, I want you to know that you have SO much potential! I believe in you and I believe that you will be successful in whatever sets your soul on fire! Share your success and never EVER be ashamed of achieving success!

These are just a few of the thoughts in my brain and feelings on my heart. Know that you’re never alone and no on else could ever be a better you than YOU!

Much love,



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