Cinebistro Experience

Happy Sunday!

Around the beginning of November, I was looking into Christmas gift options for my boyfriend and Since Star Wars: The Last Jedi was being released, I thought it would be a fun idea to do dinner and a movie. I wanted to do more than just typical dinner and a movie though and I remembered hearing about places that have an in-theater dining experience. My Google search suggested Cinebistro at the Rotunda near Hampden.

I decided to purchase tickets ahead of time and when you buy your tickets through their website (via Fandango), you actually choose your seats. This is a great feature because you know what your view will be like and you don’t have to worry about not having a seat when you get there. Another thing I noticed is that the theaters are actually very small compared to a standard movie theater which invites a more intimate feeling. It also features comfy leather seats that have a middle arm that can be put up and turned into a love seat and little trays for your food. For two tickets to a 9:45PM showing, it cost $32. In my opinion this is pretty comparable to most movie theaters nowadays, if anything maybe a dollar or two more but totally worth it to choose your seats ahead of time.

Because of the location of this particular movie theater, I was concerned about the parking situation, however, it was not a problem because the theater validates parking for the Rotunda Parking Garage which is right next door. As for the overall atmosphere, it was very laid back but also upscale. When you walk-in the first thing you see is the Concierge desk where you retrieve printed tickets and get your parking validated. To your right is a nice bar set up as well as tables to dine at even if you weren’t seeing a movie. They call to seat for your showing about 30 mins before showtime and once you’re seated, they explain how everything works. You’re given as much time as you need to look over the menu and decide. They then take your entire order including any appetizers or desserts and your payment is due then. They do add an 18.5% gratuity to your check, but I normally tip 20% anyway so this didn’t bother me, though you do have the option to add more tip if you’d like. All of your food is brought out at one time before the movie begins so you can settle in and not worry about getting disturbed throughout the movie.

As for the prices, I felt like they were ok and comparable to other dining options in the city. For instance we ordered the Pimento Cheese appetizer, I had the Barnyard Chicken Sandwich (which was huge) with sweet potato fries and a Coke Zero, Marshal had the Spicy Meatloaf sandwich (also huge) with fries and our total including the gratuity was $54. If we were to go out to a place in Baltimore and order an appetizer and two entrees, it would be similar if not more so the price is alright in my book. They do have pricier entrees like steak and seafood so you can go really luxe and spend a pretty penny if you want. One of the things I dislike is that their drink prices are pretty high. $12+ for a mixed drink and $5+ for most wines and beers so I wouldn’t say it’s the place to go if you’re looking to get tipsy. One thing that I thought was really awesome is that their fountain drinks are $4.95 with unlimited refills (decent sized glass, too) and their popcorn is $8 for a large bowl (similar to the large bowl at traditional movie theaters) and also has unlimited refills, granted you’d have to leave the theater and go to concessions to refill, but still–not bad at all!

Overall, we really enjoyed our experience and would definitely go back for dinner and a movie or for just a movie.

*They do have other locations besides Baltimore located across the US! Click here to see if one is close to you!

Let me know if you’ve ever tried a dine-in theater and what you thought of it!

Until next time-


P.S. Star Wars: The Last Jedi was so good and porgs!!!! Go see it!

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