“Beauty in Wonderland” Advent Calendar (SPOILER ALERT!!)

Hi y’all!

Let me just say how excited I am to be moving into the Holiday season! The weeks leading up to Christmas are some of my favorite weeks of the whole year. The decorations, cheer, buying of gifts; it can be so magical and joy-filled. Now, I’m not a fan of going all Christmas before Thanksgiving, but come Black Friday, anything goes! This year I put up and decorated my tree on Friday and wrapped all of the gifts I already bought on Sunday. Normally I wouldn’t exchange gifts this early but my lovely friend, Jen, insisted that she needed to give me my gift ASAP! I was so confused as to why she would need to give me my gift before December but all became crystal clear when we exchanged gifts today, Nov 27.

Every year, I watch my favorite beauty Youtubers review the most amazing advent calendars and every year I’ve dreamed of buying one for myself. Unfortunately, the really nice ones have a large price tag and in the US we don’t have a great selection of low end ones. I have yet to splash out the money for one of my own, however, Jen, having been my roommate for three years in college and one of my closest friends since, knew that I had a deep love and appreciation for beauty advent calendars. This year she went all out and purchased the lookfantastic “Beauty in Wonderland” Advent Calendar for me and my goodness is she a BEAUTY!! Jen and I are highly impatient (two years ago we opened each other’s gifts one at a time for the week leading up to Christmas lol), so of course we cracked into and opened all 25 of the boxes. We have absolutely no chill whatsoever! I decided to photograph the whole thing before putting them back in the boxes to be opened on the appropriate days.

I’m so pleased with this gift and I think beauty advent calendars can make AMAZING gifts for the folks in your life, especially if they are avid beauty, skincare, and haircare lovers like me! This one in particular has some amazing products that I’m super hyped to try and I was surprised at how many luxury brands it included! Not to mention, the packaging is stunning! The theme of the box “Beauty in Wonderland” features  Alice in Wonderland inspired artwork and everything from the the individual boxes to the tissue paper in the boxes is beautifully detailed. They recommend using it to hold the products after Christmas, however I think I’m going to function it into a jewelry box. Tons of pictures to follow but I highly, HIGHLY recommend!!

“Beauty in Wonderland” Advent Calendar by lookfantastic







For $115 plus free shipping, I think this is a steal! I can see myself using 99% of these products and some of the highlights in my opinion are the Magnitone microfiber makeup remover cloth, Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist (retails $30 for 1fl oz), lookfantastic contour brush, and the Redken No Blow Dry cream. I cannot tell you how excited I am to reopen each of these and try them out. My beauty loving heart is on cloud 9!

Though it probably won’t make it to you in time for Dec 1, I think this is still worth it to buy as a gift for yourself or another. Plus–lookfantastic does have a Cyber Monday sale going on for 15% off! I also want to mention that Ebates (not sponsored) does have 3.5% cash back on lookfantastic so there’s some added money back! I’ll link my referral code in case anyone wants to sign up and receive $10. I’ve gotten over $50 cash back in less than a year just from buying the things I would normally buy anyway!

Comment below and let me know if you’ve ever tried a beauty advent calendar or which ones have made it onto your wishlist!

Also keep and eye out for some Christmas Gift Guides coming soon!

Until next time- Stay Inspired!



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